BRN 011-8332004 A5 12 3.5 28 MOBUC

  • BRN 011-8332004 A5 12 3.5 28     MOBUC
OUR PRICE: $2,248.33

Item Number: 96525



  • Finish: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Synthetic
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Gauge: 12 Gauge
  • Barrel Length: 28"
  • Capacity: 4+1
  • Chamber: 3.5"
  • Length: 49.63"
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Drop: Invector-DS
  • Stock: Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
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    The Browning A5 is built to be reliable, fast cycling, top performing and softest shooting recoil-operated autoloader standing behind it with a 100,000 round or five year guarantee that this shotgun will work, come hell or high water. The A5 uses the trade marked Kinematic Drive System. This drive system converts kinetic energy into mechanical motion for a faster reload action. A bolt latch is located just forward of the trigger. This addition makes for quicker loading of the shotgun.