HSM BER257WBY115VLD 257WBY 115 HPBT 20

  • HSM BER257WBY115VLD 257WBY 115 HPBT 20
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HSM teamed with Berger to create their exclusive line of Trophy Gold rifle ammunition, loaded with Berger's premium match grade VLD (Very Low Drag) hunting bullets, offering a load for small, medium and large sized game. Previously only available to those who hand loaded, Berger's VLD hunting bullets have the highest possible ballistic coefficient, which are designed for shots in excess of 300 yards while maintaining excellent close range performance. The VLD's design incorporates a sharp hollow point nose, engineered to penetrate between 2" and 3" before expansion begins. After initial expansion, the bullet sheds 40% to 85% of its weight, as shrapnel, into surrounding tissue and organs, creating a devastating wound channel and causing the vast majority of the bullet's energy and hydrostatic shock to be expended throughout the mass of the target animal.