NOS 30125 BLSTC HNT 30C 125 SPTZR 50

  • NOS 30125 BLSTC HNT  30C 125 SPTZR  50
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  • Bullet Type: Ballistic Tip Hunting
  • Caliber: .308
  • Weight: 125 GR
  • Quantity: 30 Caliber

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    Nosler engineered the Ballistic Tip Hunting bullet to be very predictable and extremely forgiving. The polymer tip resists deformation in the magazine, initiates expansion upon impact, and is color-coded by caliber. The fully tapered jacket and special lead alloy core allows controlled expansion and optimum weight retention at all practical velocity levels. A heavy jacket base prevents bullet deformation during firing and acts as a platform for large diameter mushroom. Nosler's unique solid base boat-tail design, combined with the polycarbonate tip, dramatically increases long-range ballistic efficiency.